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    Book I:


    The Path to Freedom

    This book was written for those of you who wish to undertake a sincere study and practice of healing. A discussion of the principles of healing and an understanding of those principles is essential. But a successful practice of healing involves much more than just understanding. And it is not just a change in beliefs or a change in thinking. Healing is a new way of being that requires a willingness to expand your awareness and to become someone other than who you think you are. It requires bringing up issues and moving through them. Who you really are, your true Self, is on the other side of your issues; you have to embark on a journey of healing in order to become your true Self.

    By using a unique personal process, you will remember and evolve your true Self and bring your Self more fully into your life. You can create new possibilities for your Self and for how you relate in the world and with others. You can use your daily life as an avenue to discover your Self and live a life that reflects who you really are - traversing the path to freedom.

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    September 7, 2014 update: The 2nd edition is now available! New chapters, clearer explanations, more exercises, and more examples. Yay!


    Book II:

    Light Medicine:

    Evolving Our Body,

    Our Life, and Our Planet

    From the first book, Healing: The Path to Freedom, we learned how to heal our emotions and discovered the significance of the intention to heal. With these skills, we can now apply our healing process to every area of our life to find fulfillment and freedom within our Self.

    In the second book, Light Medicine: Evolving Our Body, Our Life, and Our Planet, we will explore energy concepts developed from years of research and clinical experience. Along with this, we will apply the principles of healing to the issues involving our physical body. For many people, the physical body and its health are among their foremost concerns. Our discussion will expand on the perspective that Light and energy precede everything in physical form. You will gain greater insight and understanding about energy and about how your body responds to energy.

    Health issues will be explored from an energetic perspective. Disease, dysfunction, and suboptimal function develop when unhealed issues distort or obstruct the flow of your Light and energy. In this book, you will learn how your body adapts to energy and how you can use your emotional process to heal your body and evolve through any health challenges that you face. Since your body is energy, the energetic realm is the place to focus to develop the vibrational qualities required for physical health, nourishment, and well-being.

    Light Medicine will also explore physical body expression and potential. By working with energy, you can access the unlimited and largely untapped potential that lies within you. Your body can evolve to express unprecedented possibilities. And you can bring your evolving true Self into your body and your life to experience anything you can imagine.

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