Healing: The Path to Freedom


 This book was written for those of you who wish to undertake a sincere study and practice of healing. A discussion of the principles of healing and an understanding of those principles is essential. But a successful practice of healing involves much more than just understanding. And it is not just a change in beliefs or a change in thinking. Healing is a new way of being that requires a willingness to expand your awareness and to become someone other than who you think you are. It requires bringing up issues and moving through them. Who you really are, your true Self, is on the other side of your issues; you have to embark on a journey of healing in order to become your true Self.

By using a unique personal process, you will remember and evolve your true Self and bring your Self more fully into your life. You can create new possibilities for your Self and for how you relate in the world and with others. You can use your daily life as an avenue to discover your Self and live a life that reflects who you really are - traversing the path to freedom.

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