Philosophy, Background, and Goals


     At the core of our energy, there are two very different aspects of Light. One is physically-based and gives rise to the substance of our physical universe. The other is abstract and includes our energy field and our true Self. Both of these aspects are necessary to create what we know as life. And both have a direct impact on our body, life, and personality. Together, these two aspects of light are the source of the life force energy that nourishes and sustains us. They are the source of our creativity and knowledge. Disease and dysfunction result from the distortion or obstruction of this life force energy.

    Our mission is to assist people in remembering and evolving their Light and to bring it fully into their life. This is not just a change in beliefs, a change in thinking, a new attitude, or a new facade. This is about a new way of being: being our true Self in our body. This has significant ramifications in terms of physical health and well-being, and in terms of how we relate to our body, our work, other people, and the world. Betty and I assist people in gaining enhanced awareness, in the development of a personal process, and in the application of that process to all aspects of their life. This allows people to use their daily life as an avenue to discover themselves and to live in a way that reflects who they really are.

Why I do this work

     I am excited about the frontiers of healing: creating new possibilities for our physical body and for how people can be with themselves and in community with others. For instance, we can teach our immune system to separate better from other people's energy and thereby make us less susceptible to infections. And, instead of relating with other people through our blocks and needs, with healing we create the possibility of connecting through who we are. Co-creation becomes a real possibility.

     It is very exciting to see people evolve and express the truth of who they are. My ultimate goal is to teach others how to heal themselves and to inspire others to embrace a life of healing.

Background & Philosophy

     I received my undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH {BA in psychology and elementary education} and my doctorate degree from The University of Western States in Portland, OR, and am licensed as a chiropractic physician. However, the main thrust of my work involves energy and emotional healing because that appears to me to be the causal level of physical and personal issues. All of the body work that I do is in relation to the energy work.

     I have been in clinical practice and a teacher of the healing arts since 1986. My interests have always included health care and I have studied a wide variety of approaches to health concerns. While many approaches to health care attempt to deal with the whole person, I have never seen anything that adequately addressed how emotions and energy interact with the physical body and its physiology, nor have I seen a thorough and effective process to heal the emotions involved.

    As a result of my clinical work, I have developed a practical approach to self-healing that includes emotional healing, energy work, body poses, and meditation. The central feature of the work and its only essential element is the emotional process. An effective emotional process allows us to address every level of our energy from the most physical to the most abstract aspects of our experience.

    My approach to healing is governed by a guiding principle that I call the intention to heal. This principle shows the way through our dysfunction to the source of our energy at our core. It is the separation from our Light and the distortion of our genuine energy that is the cause of all disease and dysfunction.

    Without the intention to heal, many people do not move through their dysfunction and it remains unresolved. This is common when people only address the outer signs and symptoms of problems or disorders. While this may create the illusion of healing and our physical body may function better and appear to be healthier, without addressing the causal level of health issues, which is energetic in nature, we will not have achieved genuine healing.

    There are two main aspects of our core energy that must be addressed: one is very physical, based in the substance of the physical universe, and the other is more abstract, which includes our energy field and the true Self. These two very different parts of our energy engage and interact to create life as we know it. Healing involves resolving the core issues associated with disease and dysfunction, which can involve one or both of these two aspects of our energy.

    We have so much potential and there are so many unrealized possibilities for what we can do and experience in this lifetime. Healing opens us to the possibilities and helps to make them tangible.