Healing Sessions

Sessions with Michael

 There are several goals for this healing work. First, we want to access the Light at the core of your energy and assist that Light in achieving its full potential. Then we want to resolve every issue on any level of your energy that impairs the integration and  full expression of your Light. By resolving conflict within your body and energy field, you create a new platform for your physical health as well as for how you engage with others and with the world. This typically requires attending to issues involving atomic, genetic, neurological, meridian, personality, and other levels of your Light and energy. I will guide every level of your energy towards creating and expressing its fulfillment. And finally, I will help you connect with the Light at the core of your Being.  

To accomplish these goals, I use a variety of therapeutic modalities in alignment with the intention to heal. In healing sessions, I will always work directly on the energetic and emotional issues that arise. In the office, I often use light & color frequencies along with meridian therapy to help access your issues. Frequently, I incorporate spinal, cranial, & soft tissue manipulation in conjunction with the release of energetic and emotional issues. And sometimes harmonics, physiological & nutritional supplements, gemstones, and homeopathic remedies are used in the treatment. These therapies are selected and orchestrated by your energy as we move through the therapeutic process. We will also monitor relevant physical findings to objectify the results of our work.

Therapeutic sessions are available over the telephone. Energy perception is not bound by time or space. Thus, I can perceive the energy blocks whether you are five feet away or five light-years away. Likewise, energy healing tools can be just as effective over the telephone as they are in person. During long-distance healings, I access the same issues as in person, but without the use of accessory modalities. In these sessions, I rely on my ability to read energy and perform the necessary healing telepathically.

A healing session simultaneously resolves the underlying emotional and energetic causes of the dysfunction and alleviates the physical and physiological adaptations to that energy. Benefits from a healing session include an increased sense of well-being, reduced stress, improved physical, mental & emotional relaxation, pain reduction, positive emotional, physical & social changes, and energetic clarity – greater insight into who you are, what you want to do, and how you want to relate in the world and with others.

Sessions last approximately 45 minutes and must be scheduled in advance. The fee is $125 for each session.

Sessions with Betty


One-on-One Emotional Healing


Betty Moore

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I am Dr. Michael Winer’s assistant and have had the great fortune of being both a student and patient since 1997.

Through my journey and continual exploration into my own healing process, I have paid close attention, observed my experience, and rediscovered some ideas about my energy that have been helpful in teaching others how to heal themselves. I teach emotional healing and show people how they can take care of themselves in daily life situations. My work is beneficial along with Michael’s treatments for those striving to achieve optimal personal growth and well-being.

Sessions are by appointment and usually last for 45 minutes. This work is done over the phone or over Skype. The fee is $60.00.


P.S. Betty is very skilled at guiding people through their issues and at teaching people the emotional healing process. I highly recommend her work. ~~ Michael ~~

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